The Philosophy of Yin & Yang, balance in our life

Yin & Yang tree of Life!

Yin and Yang is the belief that all things contradict one another and yet they cannot exist without each other. If you look at the symbol of Yin and Yang (which look like two little curled tadpoles) you will see that one is white with a black dot inside it and the other is black with a white dot inside it. This represents the fundamental message of Yin and Yang: that in order for us to live in a state of equilibrium, a state in which opposing forces or actions are balanced so that one is not stronger or greater than the other so essential a state of emotional balance or calmness. we must find a way to live with peace and harmony, free from aggression or fear. By doing so in our own individual personal lives and by reconciling our own fears and negative thinking, we can then project this same harmony into the world, which is ultimately what Yin and Yang is striving for

As a Spiritual Coach and Tarot reader I can help indivuduals to get a balance in their life, take away the hindrances on their journey to what they want to achieve, ultimate HAPPINESS.!!

The way we think


God has provided us with three fundamental "tools" in our lives, The Spirit Mind, Consciousness and Thoughts. If we use these "tools" in the correct way we will definitely find many moments of joy and pure happiness, but used in the wrong way it can lead to catastrophic results! To understand the way we think we need to know the following things:

The mind + consciousness + thoughts = reality

We think we're expecting reality but we're actually experience our thinking

For example When we think about a person, we aren't actually thinking about the real "them", we are thinking about a representation of "them" we have formed in out mind.

We are looking and listening for and to the person we expect to see and hear... filtering out anything that doesn't fit with the character we've created for that individual!

With these things in mind I will try to help the client to get a completely other mindset. We have to remove the false image from ourselves which we have built up all the time and rediscover the sense of intuition.

And extremely important, It is not what happens that determine our experience but what we think about what happens. joy / Happiness and misery are not things outside us which we can get by doing certain things...

Way of Life

Green Leaves

The existence has its own law of nature, to which we humans have to get accustomed to. The earlier, you aligned yourself with the law, the more clarity you have about life, and you can play a better game of life. You understand the essence of life, by observing life. No soul on this earth, can come down & can play against the law of nature. It applies to all. The way, every human being who takes birth, has to die, without exception out of the law of nature, in a similar way, everything on the existence has its law.

Live from your Heart

Love, Hope and Dreams

I think our main purpose in life is

live from your heart and make your dreams come true!


We all have our dreams and hope that one day we will live those dreams!

These two statements are the essential part during our journey here on earth. So what is living from your heart and how are hope and dreams so related to each other and really important.

In my opinion living from your heart is doing the things which makes you happy and give a lot of joy in your life. But also help other people during their journey here, make them happy, let them smile and support them with the things they like to do. Questions here may be “what are my values and do I live my values” or “what scares me or what causes me to procrastinate”. These are also part of the coaching sessions where I use a Zenith Tarot Card spread.

So what is hope and why is it so important!

According Michael Neill hope is the magic elixir that energizes dreams, fuels possibilities and let you live beyond the limits of your habitual thinking!

Both are directly related and are essentially nothing more than an invitation to enjoy the possibility what you want while you and life negotiate the eventual outcoming. We live our dreams or maybe not but without hope there is no spirit and energy at all which is devastating.

Hope is the gateway to new possibilities. Once hopeful thinking is awakened everything becomes possible.

And extremely important, It is not what happens that determine our experience but what we think about what happens. joy / Happiness and misery are not things outside us which we can get by doing certain things...