Life Coaching and Tarot

As a Life Coach and Tarot Reader I try to boost and empower you to live your dreams from your heart. For that I use my own intuition, life experience and tarot cards.

I can help you with "simple" questions you may have about something you want to know like "should I take the new job", "Shall I start my own business" or just "how is my relationship going" but If you're ready I can also take your life to the next level through self-awareness, complete mindset shifts, cultivating SELF-BELIEF and CONFIDENCE. The ultimate goal here is live your life to the fullest, pure happiness more joy and meaning in your life. !

Jazz Spread.

For most of the Tarot Readings I use a special card spread called Jazz to retrieve indepth information related to specific questions asked by the client. The Jazz Spread is a spread with 15 cards, 3 rows of 5 cards where the rows represent the past, present and future of the client. These sessions take between 30 and 60 minutes.

Zenith Spread.

The Life Coaching tarot Card sessions are done by using a special card spread called Zenith. This is a 15 card spread where each card position will give indepth insight information in one specific theme like "what are my values" and "what scare's me or what causes me to procrastinate". These sessions are pure coaching sessions and will often lead to a total life changer for the client. Because each Tarot Deck is completely unique I will give the client the deck in a special box after the Zenith session so essentially it will become HIS own private deck used during the session. The Zenith Spread Life Coaching session will take approximate between the 90 and 120 minutes and can be extended if needed.

A strong advice from my site is to take notes during the session because a lot of information will be coming up and it will be difficult to remember all this. All sessions and readings will always be kept confidential.

Finally I also provide Tarot Reading Workshops on demand and can do Tarot Reading for the complete family or just for a number of friends or collegues during a dinner in a restaurant or at their location at home which gives always a lot of fun too. ! At these Events I also use the jazz spread.

Checkout the page Workshops and Readings for a complete overview of Tarot Readings and all kind of workshops.

I will use the card intepretations teached by Richard Knight, my mentor in Tarot.

Richard Knight

Tarot Reader